Small and Medium Enterprises

Persistent power shortages are the most detrimental concern for the manufacturing and service industry. Additionally, declared power holidays and unforeseen power failures affect production efficiencies and service qualities intimately resulting in compromised product or service delivery. Methodical planning for a Solar Power Plant with scale-up capability into the future can address these concerns. While capital subsidy and accelerated depreciation are offered from the government, the business growth can be leveraged by employing enhanced production and service efficiencies. Conjointly, we process financial assistance for benchmark projects from Development Banks and lending institutions to toe the line of initial investment, subject to conditions.

Right from the common lightings to the highly inductive power loads, solar power plants provide the autonomy and energy security to curtail man-hour losses and production inefficiencies. In view of the report by Bridge to India, an industry expert consultancy and research firm, the per unit price of grid power (KSEB) is far higher than that of solar power in Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi and other states are in the brim to follow. Hence the part/full conversion to renewable energy can contribute substantially to the P&L of your business enterprises.

Green Roof Solar

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