Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater is the most competitive and proven alternative to the conventional heating methods like electrical geysers and coiled heaters which demands huge electricity consumption. The hot water requirement for various purposes is met by predesigned or customized plants along with suitable technologies according the geographical factors. The design perfection plays a vital role as the components and technology decides the performance delivery of the system. Hence right from the selection of energy collectors to the storage facility, blending of the quality standards and professional expertise will result in extended life and performance of the product.

We provide the solar hot water solutions to the domestic and institutional customers across the State and the service backup is ensured with the mix of engineers and technicians from the renowned vendors with proven track record in the Industry. Sticking to our professional standards, we follow the practice of a proposal submission to the customer after conducting a proper load assessment in order to ensure value for money to our esteemed clientele.

Green Roof Solar

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