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Residential Rooftops

Power requirements of individual houses are met by installation of the plant at rooftops. The installation capacities starting from 1 KW are addressed as per usage demand…

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Villas and Townships

We provide support for solar projects in the community by offering viable means to curb possible extra costs that residents of villas, apartments and townships, may have to pay,…

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Commercial Buildings

The mainstream power requirement of commercial premises and offices are facing a serious issues due to the often power failures resulting in increasing the fuel consumption in…

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions play a vital role in increasing awareness of harnessing renewable energy as the only alternative to the serious power crisis in our country…

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God has created the solutions along with the problems; it’s our responsibility to find the former to address the latter

We present the solutions, just check whether it can address your problems 

Why Solar?

  • Power availability of 24 Hrs (Energy Security)
  • 100% clean power
  • Zero carbon emission power generation
  • Our country is experiencing best of class solar radiations in the world
  • Fossil fuel resources are deteriorating in a threatening pace
  • Solar energy became an affordable proposition

Updates around the Green World

News & Events

Greensolar launched its EPC Vendor division , a business vertical to address the Solar Module and BoS requirements of smaller EPCs and Inverter assemblers.

Greensolar cancels its dealership with Marko Series and appoints M&M Technologies, Areekad, Calicut as new Dealer for Calicut Region


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